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December 31, 2015


Starting in the 1970's and for more than a decade I compiled and edited a monthly newsletter reporting on all publically available UK decisions in the field of IP and a few US and other non-UK decisions. So I can speak with personal knowledge of the effort and dedication that goes into the compiling of such publications, and nowadays into an online blog. It is not just a one-off effort to conceive and publish an isolated article but an on-going relentless effort to maintain quality and enthusiasm day-by-day and month-by month for a period of years.

The authors and contributors are therefore to be congratulated on their continuing efforts, now in their ninth year, to maintain this invaluable online publication. Whether your attitudes are generally positive or sometimes Skeptical, we all benefit from their effort.

I concur fully Mr. Cole.

Kudos to those running this blog and setting a well-respected tone.

Even if that tone must necessarily be at times, well, Skeptical. ;-)

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