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December 17, 2015


Congratulations to the CAFC for abdicating its role and enabling the farce that the US patent process has become: issue a patent, often at great cost to the applicant; then renege on that issuance, at further cost to the now-patentee, in a PTAB proceeding in which the patent is invalidated, even though the claimed invention really is useful, novel and non-obvious; and then have the CAFC rubber-stamps the PTAB decision, at yet greater cost to the patentee.

As she is 99.9% of the time, in this case Judge Newman is right.

Apologies to Judge Pauline Newman for our Emily Latella moment. We of course meant no disrespect.

"She raises questions that only the Supreme Court can properly decide if they deign to do so."

I do not see any disrespect for Judge Newman. The Justices of the Supreme Court, on the other hand...

Hey Kevin,

Once again, Newman correctly holds her colleagues' statutory "feet to the fire." She is one of the few currently on the Federal Circuit bench that I respect.

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