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November 02, 2015



I love this commentary...it belongs on the Op/Ed page of the NYT or some other forum that reaches the masses of rational fence sitters rather than here, where most of us are already decidedly on one side of the fence.

I think that it is more of a facet that "technology" is agnostic, and that "improvement" is divorced from morality.

How we decide to use any "improvement" - be it as a cure or as a weapon - is also a meme for popular consumption.

"Apocryphally, medieval shoemakers threw sabots into prototype machines for mass production to disable them, and this sentiment persists today in resistance to technological change."

The most dramatic example of this today is the dental lobby fighting the legalization of fluoride in prenatal vitamins. You gotta feel for the dentists - 92% cavity-free results have to be painful when you worked hard to get thru school, and have $250,000 to pay off.

This can be applied to so many subjects. Guns are a technological tool that society has still yet to effectively moderate vis-a-vis its threat to innocent life. The internet is constantly under fire by repressive and even now liberal regimes that can't reconcile instantaneous transmission of data that may be a product of illegal copying, invasion of privacy, or sexual abuse. This is a very serious esoteric problem which I would nearly call the most important philosophical problem of our era.

Very well said; thank you.

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