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October 15, 2015


"The diplomats negotiating the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement have done the seemingly impossible: they have kept the details of the draft agreement secret from the press and interested parties"
Not so, not in any way.
Some interested parties, like PhRMA and other trade associations, reportedly have been kept well informed; it's just other interested organizations, like consumer organizations, have been kept uninformed except by Wikileaks.
TPP gives all the appearance of an agreement negotiated by governments for the benefit of corporations, with consumers left to twist in the wind. But now that the negotiators have done their work, it is the legislators in the various countries who are going to have to approve it, and it is by no means clear that they will, whether in the US or elsewhere.

Point taken, Derek. We have revised

I know that this is primarily a biotech blog but I'm curious if you've seen any analysis on how the TPP will affect 101/Alice issues.

The plain language of the text would seem to allow for the types of data processing patents that have been invalidated en masse during the last few years, but it hasn't gotten any real attention.

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