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October 19, 2015


"No such similar outrage has been expressed in the mainstream media about blatant patent infringers that flout the legitimate intellectual property rights of patent holders."

Here's an idea: try to find some "patent holders" who are a bit more sympathetic than the "patent holders" you typically defend here.

You might find traction that way.

Better hurry, though, or some "legitimate" "little guy" working hard in his garage might patent this traction-gaining scheme and come after you with this awesome patent.

The issue on appeal was not limited to question 1 of Halo's petition. Halo's petition was granted limited to question 1. Stryker's petition was granted.

Hey Andrew,

Like the "man behind the curtain" in the Wizard of Oz, I would suggest you ignore the comment from TMM (aka "Malcolm Mooney", aka "MM").

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