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August 04, 2015


I have to wonder if the Executive Office is going to use any of the Goodlatte "research" on the Troll problem for its answer (long overdue now) to Ron Katznelson's request for substantiating that Office's blatant propaganda piece.

Yes, I do remain...

One would think that legislation that does not cause either a tax increase, or a government increase, or face a presidential veto, would be legislation that Republicans would want to show that they can get enacted now that they control both houses of Congress? But it increasingly appears that they cannot agree among themselves about what should be in this legislation or even if there should be ANY new patent legislation. Ironically, those opposed to any new patent legislation seem to include those most wanting the proposed changes in IPRs in this proposed legislation.

Paul: I think there is a healthy amount of skepticism that any patent "reform" efforts will either be hijacked by those opposed to patents in the first place or misinterpreted by the courts. So those industries that rely on patents are a little leery of these bills, even if they contain provisions that may benefit them.

Thanks for the comment.

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