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August 12, 2015


There is a certain poetry in the assertion of "multiply the proceedings" by attempting to throw out proceedings.


I find it amusing that FFC tries to argue, with a straight face, that its First Amendment right to petition the government is being impinged by this suit by Allergan. That right doesn't protect against "abuse of the process" which I suspect is what's happening with FFC's filing of an IPR proceeding. I do hope the California court nips this frivolous "motion to strike" in the bud.

The assertion of a state law SLAPP suit defense to a suit against an IPR petitioner is clever. Not something many patent attorneys would ever even think of. [And potentially appealing to a judge looking for a quick case disposal?] Most state SLAPP suits also have attorney fee recovery teeth. It will be interesting to see what happens. Is the appeal of this CA D.C. decision going to end up at the 9th Cir. rather than the Fed. Cir.?

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