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March 04, 2015


Re: "Needless to say, it is unlikely that this Senate bill will get any traction."
Thank you for providing realistic political success odds, in contrast to some other commentators.
What is needed politically in this Congress is a reasonable acceptable modification of the Goodlatte Bill. Not an attempted all-out trashing of the most important and most effective anti-troll part of the AIA, IPRs, including an easy way for any troll to avoid any post-grant proceeding whatsoever for years by simply filing a reissue!

I hope the micro entity fix gets passed somewhere ... .

Thank you Mr. Morgan for usurping the role of definer of what is reasonable.

However, I personally will pass on such a move. You lack that authority - and clearly lack objectivity.

The Coons bill achieves a lot merely by being a reasonable alternative to Goodlatte.

Without Coons bill, the Goodlatte bill sets the parameters of the debate, and whether you support or oppose it as indicia of your position on trolls, etc. Because the GOP controls both chambers, and Goodlatte is R, they can control debate on the bill. With the Coons bill, the GOP will be forced to go on the record as either considering Coons ideas, or opposing them, and therefore the relative merits of Coons v Goodlatte. If Coons is rejected, the Ds can point to the industry organizations that support the bill, and paint the Rs as anti-inventors etc.

IOW, the Coons bill opens opportunities for defense and attack, and for donors to weigh in. It has value even if it doesnt pass.

"the best interests of patent owners at heart"

... and a wild over-reaction paid for by the pharma lobby to the Kyle Bass post grant challenge issue by obliterating standing for everyone until the Supreme Court steps in again.

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