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September 11, 2014


Re: "the reason that only one other PGR has been filed to date is because this type of proceeding only applies to [the relatively few new patents so far issued under the AIA]" That is temporarily one reason for several years, but FAR from the only reason. First, PGR can only be used for the first 9 months after a patent issues, and only a small percentage of patents are ever asserted against anyone that rapidly. No commerical infringers may even exist that early. Secondly, the estoppel for making any PGR challege wipes out raising almost any invalidity defense against that patent on any grounds later. Why anyone not in desperate straits against a newly issued patent would want to throw a PGR "hail Mary"? PGRs were seriously missrepresented as cure-alls in the AIA drafting negotiations.

Isn't the inventor supposed to decide what they regard as the invention? Since when does a challenger get to decide that details which are enabled by the specification must necessarily be present in the claims? Isn't the written description requirement being reversed here? Aren't we supposed to describe everything we claim, as opposed to including in claim 1 everything we describe?

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