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April 01, 2014



More political "grandstanding," now from Senator Schumer. And look whose hosting this web site. What a surprise.

I also don't choose parties when it comes to this so-called "patent troll" nonsense. Like Schumer and Leahy, Congressman Goodlatte is equally in my "black book" for his nonsensical HR 3309 ("Innovation Act" my eye!). Simply a way to divert attention from the fact that Congress can't get its act together on more important matters like our $17 trillion debt, disastrous healthcare law, and just passing ANY federal budget that makes ANY sense.

Is this April Fools Joke?

First sentence:

"In what turned out not to be an April Fools' Day joke, . . . "

I don't think the part of this that is a joke is date dependent.

"Beware of the man who won't be bothered with details."
-- William Feather,
American publisher
1889 - 1981


Is that a reference to Congressman Schumer?

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