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March 19, 2014



Your reference to the old adage "Be careful what you wish for" is apt. With all due respect, the trial strategy of Myriad boggles my mind. With Shelby now appointed as the judge for the consolidated multidistrict litigation, Myriad already faces a grim outcome on the patent-eligibility under 35 USC 101, most likely on a summary judgment motion. What in the world were they thinking here?

Really nice summary of a complicated bit of legal maneuvering.

Myriad did appeal to CAFC on March 13.


Myriad appealed the denial of the preliminary injunction by Shelby? With all due respect, they've got to be out of their minds to do that. Again, Myriad's trial strategy continues to boggle my mind.

EG: "With all due respect, the trial strategy of Myriad boggles my mind. "

Myriad is a terrible company run by awful, incompetent, greedy litigious people. None of this should surprise anybody who has been following this story for the last decade or so.

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