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February 04, 2014


The mandated access is merely to publication, right?

This is not the same as access to any use, or prevention from use, that may be related to the patent right, yes?

In other words, the virtual effect of this legislation is more along the lines of filing an application before publishing - which given the razor thin protection afforded under the new 102, is what is prudent anyway.

I am not seeing a real issue here.

Except as another trap for the unwary. After all, the new provisions of Section 102 were debated, championed, hurrahed and otherwise heralded so widely that no one could be unaware of them or their implications.

As opposed to one section comprising 130 words in a 639-page Appropriations Bill.

How much debate do you think there was about this provision? It suggests that the bill drafters put in one of their pet goals and desires hoping/knowing that no one would pay enough attention to make a difference.

Not representative democracy at its finest. Need to be careful when this starts to happen.

I agree Dr. Noonan that many bills passed into law are simply not vetted appropriately.

I would daresay that even those that do receive debate, champions, hurrahs, and otherwise heralding STILL are not vetted appropriately.

I am, well, skeptical, as to how much 'representative democracy' is underway at the specific bill to law process - as opposed to the 'representative democracy' of mere voting someone into office. These are two distinct notions in my mind and are worlds apart in practice.

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