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December 23, 2013


Liars !! Protecting "small businesses" !! That's why Adobe and J&J came to testify -- classical 'small businesses'.
PROPOSAL -- let's limit fee shifting to cases only where the defendant is a Small Entity.
Yeah, that's what I thought -- Adobe, Google Microsoft could care LESS about small business. I understand - that's their mandate -- but STOP THE LIES about 'small businesses.' This is a naked power grab by Silicon Valley BigCorp, bribing (excuse me, lobbying) congre$$.


Again, my Christmas Wish is that S. 1720, 1612, and 1013, along with their misguided "cousin" (HR. 3309) never make it out of Congress (as wishful as that hope may be).

The message to Congress is simple. The problem is litigation abuse, not patent abuse. Focus on litigation abuse. Earlier particularization of claims in a litigation would help against a shakedown. Don't mention "troll" in the same sentence with "NPE" again!! For centuries US patent law has purposefully not required an entity to practice its invention to obtain a patent. The anti-model was 18th century England, where only the wealthy could obtain patents. US law was crafted specifically to promote NPEs-it is becoming more than clear why this is important as most small entities are NPEs.

"Protecting Small Businesses and Promoting Innovation by Limiting Patent Troll Abuse"

Nonsense. This bill will do nothing of the sort.

Property rights and jobs in America are now hanging from a frayed thread. Congress and the White House continue to follow the lead of their multinational campaign donors like lambs...pulling America along to the slaughter.

Just because they call it patent "reform" doesn't mean it is.

All this patent ‘reform’ talk is mere dissembling by China, huge multinational thieves and their paid puppets -some in Congress, the White House and elsewhere in the federal government, and some masquerading as reporters. They have already damaged the American patent system so that property rights are teetering on lawlessness. Simply put, their intent is to legalize theft -to twist and weaken the patent system so it can only be used by them and no one else. Then they can steal at will and destroy their small competitors AND WITH THEM THE JOBS THEY WOULD HAVE CREATED. Meanwhile, the huge multinationals ship more and more American jobs to China and elsewhere overseas.

Do you know how to make a Stradivarius violin? Neither does anyone else. Why? There was no protection for creations in his day so he like everyone else protected their creations by keeping them secret. Civilization has lost countless creations and discoveries over the ages for the same reason. Think we should get rid of or weaken patent rights? Think again.

Most important for America is what the patent system does for America’s economy. Our founders: Jefferson, Franklin, Madison and others felt so strongly about the rights of inventors that they included inventors rights to their creations and discoveries in the Constitution. They understood the trade off. Inventors are given a limited monopoly and in turn society gets the benefits of their inventions (telephone, computer, airplane, automobile, lighting, etc) into perpetuity and the jobs the commercialization of those inventions bring. For 200 years the patent system has not only fueled the American economy, but the world’s. If we weaken the patent system, we force inventors underground like Stradivarius and in turn weaken our economy and job creation. For a robust economy America depends on a strong patent system accessible to all -large and small, not the watered down weak system the large multinationals and China are foisting on America.

For the truth, please see http://www.truereform.piausa.org/

As a small individual holder of one tech patent I must testify that the current system is already a joke - the only actors making money from patents are huge corporations
Another patent "reform" ???
Are you kidding me ???
I don't want any more patents for myself - its a quid without a quo, a ripoff of an inventor by our beloved government, corporate America and China, of course
Now back to middle ages - trade secrets rule

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