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December 05, 2013



Sigh. A misguided bill in the extreme. Let's hope (even if faint) that the Senate doesn't pass this nonsensical bill.

Sigh as well. Let us hope...Does anyone read the bills anymore before voting? Saw Dana Rohrabacher speak for thirty minutes on this bill and there is nothing in it that is worth voting "Aye" for.

EG: What is misguided about it? Could you include specifics? Many software engineers have been clamoring for this bill for a while. If it is flawed, you need to point out why!

Dear Moby,

I won’t speak for EG, but he has articulated his thoughts about this bill in the comments to previous posts on the subject. However, one of the reasons that the bill appears misguided is that it professes to answer the perceived patent troll issue, but none of the provisions are tailored to address this problem. Instead, this bill impacts all patent enforcement efforts, and even impacts alleged infringers (the victims of the so-called trolls).


Moby, since Kevin and Don are too polite to say it, I will: if you're asking the question, you must be new to this blog. Go back and read read earlier coverage of this bill on this blog and you'll understand why it's misguided.

Dear Andrew,

Thanks, couldn't have responded better to MD. Your response has my endorsement.

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