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December 17, 2013


Judge Newman should be given veto power over all CAFC decisions.

This is exactly why I leave the issue of prior to the experts. It is so complex and usually requires a prior art expert witness in a legal case.

This is a shamefully wrong decision. I agree with Judge Newman all the way down the line.

I just don't understand how these presumably intelligent, knowledgeable jurists can continue to allow themselves to be misled so profoundly by the party with the better "spin doctor." Are there no checks and balances in place to prevent this sort of thing?

This decision goes against fundamental, time-honored precepts we, as chemical patent lawyers, have come to rely on as "settled law" in advising our clients. As I read this case, it reinforces my emerging belief that this Court is an overall negative factor in development of our Patent Law.

Decisions like this are so discouraging. They enfeeble our reasonable expectation that intrinsically sensible, settled precedent can be relied upon in assessing how future cases are likely to be judged. Should we start advising our clients that the whole darn thing is just a crap shoot?


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