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October 01, 2013


Why on God's green earth should an office that's supposed to be funded by user fees have to close during a government shutdown? Wait, searching my memory...oh, right, despite rhetoric to the contrary the AIA kept the fee diversion policy in place. Your PTO fees AND your tax dollars, neither at work for you.

Ah, Skeptical hard at work trolling as usual. Ignoring the way the world actually works, and desiring the world to work according to his formula, inside his mind.


You are too eager to throw the label of 'troll' out there and you have mistaken me for my cousin.

Try to not be in such a hurry, as your own post now fits the very thing you wish to accuse me of. I am pretty sure that you did not want that. Whether or not you realize that is what you have, I remain...

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