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October 13, 2013


"Mr. LaBrie indicated that the public does not understand how strong Myriad's patent claims are. He further stated that the notion that Quest would enter the market "scared the [Myriad] team" and he confirmed that Myriad would be "sending letters" to any labs who offered BRCA1 or BRCA2 tests."

As many of us in the field (biotech patett law) have long understood, Myriad is one of the worst actors in the biotech field. And that's saying something.

By the way, there are quite a few Ph.D.s with law degrees operating this blog, aren't there? Some serious and uncontested validity/eligibility issues have already been raised against the claims that Myriad is asserting against everybody and anbody who "scares" Mr. LaBrie and his friends who apparently think that they own breast cancer risk diagnosis (in spite of going to great lengths to convince everyone that is not the case).

Why not a post directly addressing the worst of Myriad's claims and their obvious problems? It seems like the least you could do to educate the public about the issues that are going to be litigated. Or is that not the purpose of this blog?

Dear Paul:

If you've read our posts you realize that we have noted those instances where we think Myriad has misrepresented the Court's opinion or advanced arguments we think are ill-founded.

But the allegations made in their complaints and briefing in the Ambry and Gene-by-Gene cases pass the Rule 11 test, and when a court finally rules on them we will discuss the court's reasoning and whether we find it sound.

Thanks for the comment.

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