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September 11, 2013


A worthy response to Markel. Reminds me of the scene in Annie Hall when Woody Allen pulls Archibald Macleish from offscreen to refute a know-nothing with academic credentials.

Markel's view seems to be that the provision of a public good, e.g. a new medicine, isn't really a provision of anything to the public so long as private actors derive profits from that good that the public itself does not share in. Which is like saying, if I can only have ice cream, you shouldn't be allowed to have ice cream *and* cake (even if you're the one who's making both things and my contribution to either is minimal). He should quit being an ingrate, say thank you for the ice cream and enjoy it.

A phrase comes to mind, I cannot place the entire thought just yet...

...to each according to their needs...

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