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August 29, 2013


Very nice post. Important topic.

Yes, patents have been under attack. For the most part (or completely) those attacks were not grounded in facts.

The interesting question is why the hostility? Where is it coming from?

It will be very interesting to see the Comptroller General's report on the economic impact of litigation on the U.S. economy and what, if any, impact on commerce arises from non-practicing entities.

Unfortunately, what appears to be missing is an inquiry into the big questions: What is the net impact of patents as a whole (or broken into industry segments) on the U.S. economy, its balance of trade, its standard of living and etc. Are patents good, bad or neutral? My guess is that they are very good on balance. Solid data to confirm or refute that guess is important but long overdue.

Trolls? I was always... (see below)

Now Software? I remain... (see below)


As the GAO Report shows, of course the "sky wasn't falling" in terms of the so-called "patent troll" problem. Just lots of "hot air" from you know where to keep so-called PT balloon "inflated.

As to the software count, Greg Aharonian through Hal Wegner's email updates shows an up to a 10X bogus factor in the count for 'software' patents (in one particular group - and likely a similar order of magnitude overall).

Could I be less...

Oh look, look at who supplied the raw data sets: Lex Machina and RPX.

No bias there, of that I am, well,...

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