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July 11, 2013


Who out there has an opinion on this bill? Stand up and be counted. Please give your reasons. This is democracy in action.

A 'use' benefit is interesting, but cannot fully align with what a patent right is.

A patent is NOT a right to 'do,' but rather, is a right to keep others from doing.

Many patents are improvement patents - and improve on something that the improver herself has no right to 'do.'

Further, as long as it is recognized that there is a movement to reduce the value of patents by reducing the ability to monetize them as property in and of themselves, a 'use' tax benefit may be of some value - but I believe that such a 'use' lead-in would be 'used' in an ongoing effort to demonize those that have rights and chose NOT to use them - either directly by the patent owner or otherwise (something those having such patent rights are fully allowed to do - by law).

Will the general public understand this aspect of patents and respect those that do not manufacture? Will the general public recognize that the Quid Pro Quo does not REQUIRE actual use?

I am somewhat...

Indiana has a similar tax provision called the Indiana Patent Income Tax Exemption (Indiana Code (6-3-2-21.7).

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