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March 19, 2013


After reading Kevin's criticisms of others' briefs in this case (including Myriad's own), I was wondering why he didn't file his own amicus brief. Glad for him and for the rest of us that he got to make the case that (I hope) he wanted to make (and on someone else's dime, no less!).


Not a bad effort by IPO that directly attack’s the fallacies in the ACLU’s/PubPat’s position. If only they would have also put in the “bleeding heart” story of Ms. Bruzzone and Lynch syndrome patients dying for lack of patenting diagnostics for this genetic disease . . . .


Glad you got input in on this IPO brief. Myriad would have done better to let you help them too.

Interesting although incorrect statement in the brief: "The nucleotide sequence on each strand is complementary to the other
strand, as found by Watson and Crick as the basis for DNA being the genetic material."

Watson and Crick's discovery was not the basis for determining that DNA was the genetic material. That discovery belonged to Hershey and Chase.

Dear Master:

I think you misunderstood my sentence. Hershey and Chase established that DNA was the genetic material, but Watson and Crick found that complementary base pairing was the basis for DNA being the genetic material. Although to be precise, theirs was more a discovery that predicted DNA would have its structure (and the consequences for genetics that did not escape their notice).

Thanks for the comment.

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