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February 19, 2013


The closest thing to a self-reproducing invention, outside of living organisms, is the novel crystal polymorph.

No court would fail to find infringement if someone were to crystallize a large batch of a pharmaceutical with a small sample of patented seed crystals, nor would any court find that the patent rights were exhausted when the seed crystals were legally purchased.

Justice Scalia touched on this when he noted that successor generations are "not the very seed that was sold." This is a powerful analogy for Monsanto, should they make it, and Bowman would have a very hard time explaining why biology should be treated differently from chemistry.


Based on how Scalia (who appears to have been well-prepared) 0exposed the fallacies in Walter's argument for Bowman, and given that Seth Waxman was arguing for Monsanto, what you see in this oral argument transcript doesn't bode well for Bowman.

During the oral argument I found myself wondering why the Supreme Court took the case. Here is the conclusion I reached: http://www.biotechblog.com/2013/02/20/bowman-v-monsanto-intersection-of-the-exhaustion-doctrine-and-effective-protection-for-reinvented-articles/

"Supreme Court tea-leaf reading is a fool's game"

Keep practicing, Kevin. You'll get better at it.

Hmmummm, I do beliebe the citation here was to Pioneer's brief, not the ASA.

"American Soybean Association amicus brief and the likelihood that some of the commingled commodity grain would be covered by PVPA Certificates"

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