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January 21, 2013



Nice job on compiling the table of fees. Our clients are just going to love hearing about all these fees and how most are going UP.

Thanks Don. I especially like the 2nd RCE fee - it's like the US equivalent of EPO renewal fees that have to be paid while the EPO sits on its hands not examining the application. What if half the cost of the second RCE came out of the examiner's salary? I think that would put an end to poor examination. But God forbid the PTO admit that some (many) of its examiners are incompetent, deliberately unhelpful, rude, or just plain sadists.

I love how the fees beign set on a below cost basis are going up. How can that be if the PTO had money for Congress to pilfer in the past? Is it because they are spending more to increase capacity/reduce the backlog and develop a reserve? I wrote about their "justifications" for charging high fees for RCEs and Appeals ....

I expect this RCE price increase is related to how companies may try to extend patent coverage times with RCEs -- see Exelixis v. Kappos. Seems sensible to me.

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