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January 30, 2013


Cut Monsanto out of US agriculture. Mother nature knows best, not a chemical company who made DDT, Dioxin, PCB's, Agent Orange. Death & destruction = Monsanto. People have more stomach problems than ever due to the GMO's that the body treats as a foreign invader, causing inflammation in the gut. Mice fed Glyphosate doused soybeans had reduced stomach enzymes by 77%. DEATH TO YOU, MONSANTO! TRUTH WILL PREVAIL & YOU WILL BE OUT OF THE GMO SEED BUSINESS, LIKE YOU GOT OUT OF THE BOVINE GROWTH HORMONE BUSINESS, BECAUSE OF PUBLIC OUTRAGE!!! MARK MY WORDS. YOU ARE GOING DOWN!! FDA, US GOV'T, & MONSANTO ARE ALL BEING EXPOSED FOR CORRUPTION & ENDAGERING THE HEALTH OF MILLIONS.CLASS ACTION SUIT IS IMMINENT!!

To our readers:

As you know, it is our policy not to post profane or abusive comments, or ones of the ilk exemplified by the Saturday Night Live line, "Jane, you ignorant slut!" The comment above satisfies our criteria (albeit barely), but we would be remiss not to note that it also does nothing to advance reasoned debate on an important policy question.

We look forward to such more temperate comments.

The juxtapostion suits you well Dr. Noonan.

Of that, I am not...

I'd appreciate if someone would clarify something for me: Monsanto has farmers who buy their round up ready seeds sign a contract. Does this contract include a clause which prohibits the farmer from spraying glyphosate on soybean crops grown from seeds not purchased from Monsanto? If so, is Monsanto arguing infringement first and foremost to have precedents in place when suing people who have not signed the contract, but would eventually win against Bowman regardless because of the terms of use.

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