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November 16, 2012


Lamar Smith is a good example of the damage a corrupt corporate puppet can do once in office. If he continues in office The U.S. will need a new designation as a forth world country.After 13 terms, this person has been among the main reasons this country has regressed to the status of 3rd world. His "Millennium Copyright Act' alone has set the United States, and world, back by about 50 years. His irresponsible sell-out to the law enforcement community in his home state of Texas should have him charged with human rights violations for allowing the D.P.S. to openly declare war on a neighboring country, Mexico.. Nearly all his bills were bought and paid for,along with his person, by corporations These bills,(S.O.P.A. and P.I.P.A.) among others, have caused the largest protests in American history. The entire House Judiciary Committee was peopled by his equally corrupt cronies on these corporation payrolls. Now he is headed for the chair of the house committee on science and technology. This is a Christian scientist, not a scientist, who denies global warming. Who believes prayer, not science and research can cure disease. It is like putting a witch doctor in charge of a modern hospital.We need to get these corporations and people of our government.
This Patent reform act likewise; is a corporation sponsored bill. Lehy, Smith as well as the entire house Judiciary should be tared and feathered before they are run from town.charged, along with the entire Texas gang with Human rights violations. This is terrible, and irresponsible legislation. It will also create massive protests. PLEASE! help me get these greedy puppets out of office. It will take many years,already, to undo the damage by these greedy and corrupt officials.

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