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November 13, 2012


Why would an amicus brief (or for that matter, one of the parties' briefs) NOT be publicly available? This is a public proceeding, using taxpayer money to pay the judges reviewing the case. The case is on appeal, meaning there's no proprietary information at play. There's no reason a person should have to be well-connected in order to see these briefs.


Myriad's brief in opposition is outstanding. Right out of the box, it correctly challenges the misrepresentation by the ACLU/PubPat ("Are human genes patentable?") of what the question is under 35 USC 101.

Most of the briefs can be found here: http://www.bna.com/amici-file-seven-n17179870905/

ACLU petition at http://pub.bna.com/ptcj/ACLUCertPetition12Sep25.pdf

Myriad brief at http://pub.bna.com/ptcj/120398Myriad12Oct31.pdf

Amicus briefs at --

• AARP: http://pub.bna.com/ptcj/120398AARP12Oct31.pdf

• Academics: http://pub.bna.com/ptcj/120398Academics12Oct26.pdf

• AMA: http://pub.bna.com/ptcj/120398AMA12Oct31.pdf

• Canavan: http://pub.bna.com/ptcj/120398Canavan12Oct31.pdf

• Cancer Council Australia: http://pub.bna.com/ptcj/120398CCA12Oct31.pdf

• NWNH: http://pub.bna.com/ptcj/120398NWHN12Oct24.pdf

Dear Curmudgeon,
I believe one may view the briefs at the office of the Clerk of SCOTUS. If I am mistaken, please correct me.
Thank you.

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