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September 30, 2012


This is all well-reasoned and indisputable among us in the choir. But let's get real. The current administration has gotten Obamacare passed and thus has no further need for the industry. If anything, the industry is an annoyance, coming up with expensive new therapies that patients will expect to be provided under various Government health programs, thereby aggravating the Federal fiscal disaster. In general, power and politics trumps jobs these days, so good luck on that support thing.

What specific proposals in the TPP negotiations prompted this piece? Reading between the lines, and recalling some earlier posts on this blog on the subject, it sounds like somebody or somebodies are advocating for (significantly) less than 12 years of data exclusivity for biopharmaceuticals (just as some carbon blobs who occupy space in Congress and consume our oxygen now advocate a change in Obamacare provisions to lessen the period of data exclusivity under domestic law).

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