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May 14, 2012


"Whether this is another example of the turn of this Court, under persistent influence by the Supreme Court, to be less "patent friendly" than it was previously (at least as some have perceived) will depend on whether and to what extent this trend continues."

LOL. What in the world is that supposed to mean?

More importantly, Kevin, have you come to terms with Prometheus yet? I seem to recall some commenters trying to drag you into the light. In response, you refused to discuss the issues they raised which turned out to be the issues that mattered most to the Court. Too bad. You had an opportunity to lead and you squandered it.

Dear Keep:

Seems self-evident to me. And I am leading; you're just not listening. For example, there has been precious little "the sky is falling" here. I think the forces of progress and innovation will prevail - we just need to be more clever, and more persistent, than the members of the Court who are stuck in the 19th Century. I am optimistic.

Thanks for the comment.

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