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March 19, 2012


I heard Dave Kappos say yesterday at the Sughrue Symposium in Ohio that at least the first RCE fee was to be lowered. He also outlined a "CUPID" program which would allow late IDS submissions to not be dragged through the RCE process.

Nonetheless, I remain somewhat skeptical about the funding paradigms and the assumptions being made under the hood.

As far as funding a reserve, why not ask Congress to simply return all previous funds "lifted" from the USPTO that applicants have already paid into the system?

"I remain somewhat skeptical about the funding paradigms and the assumptions being made under the hood."

Agreed. Call me Skeptical II about these proposed patent fee changes.

The fee system is very unfair. Why should applicants that happen to draw bad examiners have to pay more in the form of appeal fees? Appeals should be free. Maybe that would provide an incentive to PTO management to improve examination and to perhaps move away the from knee jerk second action final policy

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