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October 31, 2011



After the AIA debacle, never assume with President Obama or his administration that there is any "clarity" in simply stating technology policy. Wait to see if he and his administration DO ANYTHING TO IMPLEMENT IT!

Ha ---.

US finally followed China's planned economy on state sponsored technology innovation. Socialists Win!

The natives are restless:


Note it was one of the first few responses. Gathering thousands of sigs in a day and got a response before it even hit 25k.


New one is already up.


I seem to recall a leader that once replied similarly to a question put to her.


It would seem prudent for all who love the patent system to sign all petitions I just posted.


"US finally followed China's planned economy on state sponsored technology innovation."

Just what is wrong with the US offering some state sponsored tech inovation sir? That is a good thing and we've been doing it since the 40's at least. Just adding some cash prizes in can't hurt.

This seems more as a politics rather than a business. The experts are the overtly Republican kind of business owner, which are plenty, whereas the democrat leaning enterprise management who were scary before, they had guaranteed the incorrect man are returning on area.

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