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September 09, 2011


"• Do examiners always do their own searching?"

What kind of question is that? Do they think a magic fairy does some of the searching? Well, we have the STIC to do some searching, but apparently they're directed (by POPA lulz) not to search where examiners do their searching (aka the US pubs etc).

Let me just answer these for the folks at home that won't be attending:

• Do examiners always do their own searching?

Pretty much except for some searching done by the STIC or the rare occasion of one examiner helping another.

• How is the examination process different if the examiner is a primary versus a non-primary?

Less bs goes on.

• Are there allowance conferences and who sits in?

Yes, juniors sit in with their sig examiner.

• What does Quality Assurance do -- who is assigned and do they do additional searching?

Basically just bs. They review some cases when 2nd pair of eyes is implemented (right now it isn't?) and they review some random cases to determine who needs more training, and they also have a hand in the sig program error determinations.

• Can you hold video conferences with examiners for interviews?

If you're leet and your examiner has the new Cisco phone and knows how to use it.

• How much discretion does an examiner have in managing his/her docket?

Pretty much full unless he is overridden in a specific case by a superior examiner. Although the workflow system guides the examiner's actions.

• How is the Examiner's docket impacted by the new RCE docketing procedure?

Some examiners have special new tabs that are filled up with like 28 cases (one real life example) or more because they put off working on them.

Is there any information regarding final rejections and the resulting use of RCE for enabling an examiner to increase his/her disposal rate?

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