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September 08, 2011



Well, the Gong of Doom has sounded for the last time for the AIA. But at least give three cheers to Senator Tom Coburn for having the integrity to challenge a bad deal on fee diversion (and I still wish he was my state Senator)!

Well, after months of complaining and writing to our congressional representatives about how this bill was a bad thing, now it's time for us to face up to this nightmare and do what lawyers do best when facing legal uncertainty: play off our clients' fears and charge them up the wazoo for it. They win, we win, they lose, we still win.

Thanks, Congress. And thanks, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs and everyone else who reminded us doubters that American politicians are still world-class when comes to their ability to be bought. Just make sure your grandkids learn Mandarin.

/sarcasm off/

Nah, all we need to do now is sit back and wait for the 200,000 jobs to sprout up on the back of this legislation. Wow...even though I know that proposition is about as likely as my winning the PowerBall, it just felt good to simply write it. I guess that's how things happen in politics, say it, it feels good, assert it further, it becomes 'truth,' when it is shown to not be truth don't accept any responsibility - just blame it on the current folks in power.

This will not be enough. Not even close. We are facing a horrible situation financially because of our global standing. We have a country that spends most of its money on "defense" and "homeland security" when we are anything, but on the defensive. These so called priorities are never in question when these cannot be paid for when our country is suffering. There is a time when a kingdom has walls to high. Not until our country reels in a lot of this overseas expenditures and concentrates on bringing spending home will we see the changes we all need to continue helping others at home and overseas. Not to mention our senate which is finally becoming unbogged.. . hopefully. I am sure fear and anger are guiding most Americans though.

OK, I realize the AIA is an utter “sham” (and have said as much), but we’ve now got to realize that the AIA is now “water under the bridge/over the dam.” It’s now time to figure out how to combat this monstronsity. In that regard, consider my prior post on IPWatchdog: http://ipwatchdog.com/2011/07/07/american-davids-of-innovation-start-your-engines-strategies-for-coping-with-first-to-file-under-the-america-invents-act/id=18008/ . I have no intention of letting the “Goliaths” (aka, the Coaltiion for Patent Fairness, such as Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, etc.) profit from this legislative nonsense without a fight (one that will likely be “tooth and nail”).

Senator Maria Cantwell may have said it best: "This is not a patent reform bill. This is a big corporation patent give away that tramples on the rights of small inventors." It's certainly a shame that Sen. Coburn's amendment didn't stand a chance.

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