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July 29, 2011



I suggest a new title for this blog entry: "Standing in AMP v. USPTO: The Plot Thickens, Although it Doesn't Matter Whether the Plot is Thick or Thin Because the Supreme Court is Going to Kill Biomarker Correlation Claims in Prometheus v. Mayo Anyway."

What do you think, too long?

Lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz.

"While the issue [of standing] would appear to be mooted by the Court's decision, insofar as a factual dispute exists, it may be addressed if either party petitions for rehearing en banc."

Understatement of the year, Kevin. You know both sides ARE going to petition for rehearing and rehearing en banc, and that at least part of Myriad's brief is going to be devoted to the standing question. If the panel chooses to rehear and deny standing, the rest of what it said becomes irrelevant. And it lowers the chance that SCOTUS will take up the case.

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