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June 27, 2011


"Additional information about the reception, including an RSVP for the event, can be found here."

Can be found where? The "here" is not a link to anything.

Too bad I just now saw this or I'd have RSVPed for the reception and met you guys.

I could stop by and crash on the party but you guys might have a bouncer girl.


The link has been fixed. And you are welcome to stop by. Of course, there is a risk that we may figure out who you are.


A risk? I'll be sure to tell you that I'm 6 walking in lol. If you think you can figure out "who I am" from that, gl lol. If you really wanted to know I'd probably tell you, as some of the servers at Fados probably could. And I'm 99% sure that a solid chunk of the patent attorneys I work with know. Also, I'm 99.9% sure my spe knows. Fact is, true anonymity in the small town of ip attorneys and examiners is hard to maintain over the long haul unless you're really trying.

I already know who Just an Ordinary, NAL and ping as well as probably NWPA are. The only person who I don't know the secret identity of, and which I'd like to know, is malcolm.

But idk if I'll come out tonight, short notice and I was going to do a case. It's kind of a pain to train up there, ~an hour round trip. If my buddy is back in town I will def come up but idk if he's back from seattle.

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