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March 08, 2011


Yet another example of the socialist Europeanization of American law, all in the name of "international comity." I am grievously disappointed in the Senate -- but then again, that's not for the first time.

This is NOT Europeanization.
Europe has no "on sale" bar even based on secret offers for sale.
Europe has no "public use" bar for cases of public use of a 'black box' that cannot be reverse engineered.
Europe has no inequitable conduct and draconian 'duty to disclose.'
This is 'pick and choose the parts big business likes" and then selectively 'harmonize' those parts.


Point well said about the H.R.1908 bill of 2007, as it was Much more draconian than this S. 23 bill. I am thinking that the TEA party and Republicans in the House will try to steal the Senate's thunder in passing their bill so quickly, by refusing to negotiate very much, if anything at all. After seeing some of the intense bickering over the Fed budget lately, things seem to be getting polarized pretty quickly lately so an impasse on patent reform seems likely to me.


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