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March 08, 2011


For a perspective on what's wrong w/S.23 from a venture capitalist's perspective, please see this article I wrote: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/gary-lauder/patently-absurd-or-how-to_b_832703.html

All interested parties should understand what's wrong with the grace period in this bill. See: http://bit.ly/Grace-Period-USA


The big companies and the people and organizations that are influenced by the big companies (including those listed in this article) love S.23 and first-to-file. For the perspective of the inventors and small companies, there are lots of articles . . .





Excellent article, and it sounds like you are talking about Philip Johnson perhaps. Very interesting, because he went way out of his way to make an appointment call me, and he spend nearly an hour trying to convince me that FTF was a Good Idea just before I sent a letter to Senate leadership opposing the S. 1145 bill of 2007. Hopefully the House with it's crash and burn freshmen TEA party Reps will Just say No.


Clearly we need to condem this bills passage it deteriorates the present system and does nothing to improve it the trash can is where it belongs.the legislation designers left out there previous primary inventor myself and took imput from those using 40 different methods of stealing inventions big business. Do they really expect this to ignite human advancement and jobs.

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