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March 21, 2011



Again, referring to S. 23 as "patent law reform" is a misnomer, and calling it the "America Invents Act" is oxymoronic.

Is my understanding correct that Section 17 will supersede Holmes Group v. Vornado? That is, only the Fed. Cir. will hear cases involving patent claims and counterclaims?

Dear Lonely:

I think that is the intent, to make explicit that if a patent issue is involved the CAFC is the appellate court to hear the case (and, I suppose, apply the law of the regional circuit or even the state on all non-patent issues).

Thanks for the comment.

Seems to me like it might be worth it to setup a Fed. Circ courthouse on the west coast and one in texas and then have everyone come together for the rare en banc decisions.

Similar to the PTO satellite offices. I mean, if they don't want to then fine, but it seems worthwhile to allow it.

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