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March 17, 2011



What you say here just confirms what a joke it is to call S.23 "patent law reform" and why referring to this bill as the "America Invents Act" is oxymoronic. I doubt the Senate comprehends (or even cares about) the burden it is imposing on the USPTO with all these new procedures. If the USPTO can't currently handle reexams with dispatch, how can the USPTO possibly be expected to handle all these new procedures?

Also, these new procedures will require extensive rulemaking to implement due to how complex and complicated they are. Small entities in particular haven't got a chance under these new procedures. We can only hope (probably a faint hope) that the House will nix this utter nonsense.

I agree with EG.

Congress, please start over.

Pregrant is a wonderful idea as the possible legal complex procedures for invalidation of the granted patents which had escaped the examiner's attention a relevant prior art which a third party knows of

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