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February 24, 2011


The Leahy Patent Reform and Inventor Repression Bill is destined to injure not just independent inventors but the basic start-up culture that has brought prosperity and wealth to us here in Northern California, Nevada and elsewhere in our nation.

We join all our fellow inventors in shouting DOWN WITH THE PATENT REFORM AND INVENTOR REPRESSION BILL!
It's time Senator Leahy to take whole new approach your deeply flawed Bill! This time Senator we want to see a strong invitation for multiple inventors to provide input to the new bill!

"Our competitors should have to “harmonize up” to our superior intellectual property regime"

Absolutely! What the bill will do is help large corporations maintain their monopolies and kill their small entity and startup competitors and with them the jobs they would have created. According to recent studies by the Kauffman Foundation and economists at the U.S. Census Bureau, “startups aren’t everything when it comes to job growth. They’re the only thing.” This bill is a wholesale slaughter of US jobs.

“Patent reform”

Just because they call it “reform” doesn’t mean it is. Patent reform is a fraud on America.

Please see http://truereform.piausa.org/ for a different/opposing view on patent reform.

"Senator" Leahy has shown clearly that he believes big business is the source of innovation in our economy. He rejecting to recognize that all present time technologies come as the inventions from the individual invetors of the past and the present time. He supports bill S23, which is actually corruption of the best and leading the world patents system in US. He supports multinational/global corporations to alowe them to still our IP and patents and transfer them for free as infrigements to China, India and the other oversees countries... He showed his belief by not including independent inventors and start-ups in his Judiciary Committee's line-up of witnesses and testimony in creating the bill. Leahy seems to have little need for dissent or facts. He has no respect to our great American's inventors and their achivements... He has no respects to our economy, which badly needs recovery! He serves globalists and suporting our economy collapse instate of recovery... and he rejecting to knowledge this objective facts! He is NOT a good senator, he is NOT a good American and he suppouse to be removed from the Senate by his constituences! We inventors and the start-ups we power and create most of the new jobs in America. It is our efforts that make the iPhones, iPads, Googles, Facebooks, Televisions, DNA sequencers and many, many other core items of modern life possible and affordable. Not even mention those inventions of the past! Leahy's bill will injure us, and add to the difficulty and insult that means each year there are fewer and fewer start-ups and individual inventors submitting patents to the USPTO. This is fact, not the wishful thinking that Leahy tries to present as fact. Individual inventors and the smallest R&D groups REJECT S23 "The Patent Reform Act of 2011"! Americans who care about restoring our economy should join us to send a message to Congress. This S23 Bill which Leahy and his comrades calls "The Patent Reform Act of 2011" is truthfully the Deform of the Patent system and against our economy and recovery! If it passes the Senate - then will be same as passing froud and corruption and make a teft legal! It will costs America and its people dearly... Leahy and his comrades must be STOPED to what the try to do on American Economy and us the American people!

K. M. Binkowski
dc machine inventor

Go to www.senate.gov and pick up the phone. Do not email -- it will take too long for an email to get through the machinery. Call the D.C. office, ask for the staffer handling patent reform, and ask either (your choice) --

(a) kill the bill or

(b) adopt the amendment that strips out the "first inventor to file" section, and vote against the bill.

AIPLA is asking attorneys to take action to approve legislation that removes any effective grace period. This will drive our malpractice exposure up, and our quality of life down. Shame on AIPLA.


Thanks for the breaking news, and here we go again! David makes an excellent point about contacting the Relevant staffer by phone, as I have had very good luck using this approach. Also if you call the Senator's home office you will be talking to staffers that are more or less permanent and chosen by the Senator, as opposed to the hired hand type of staff they tend to have in Washington DC. I had a home staffer spend more than 20 minutes with me, while I tried to explain what the 2007 S. 1145 bill would mean for independent inventors if the Senate was foolish enough to pass it as written. She had several "Oh My! Really?" moments, so it seems like it was very useful to use a direct phone call. Thanks a million for all the help in the past and now David! Time to light up the phone lines before things get too far along....



Another useful approach known very well in the business world when contacting folks by phone, is to call shortly after lunch, after they have had a break and might be feeling contented, and before they dive into their afternoon work load. Also, very well said Kaz, and it is worth noting that Senator Leahy is from Vermont, the IBM State.


As they say in Chicago - vote early, vote often.

It is AMAZING how 'harmonization' is very SELECTIVE.
How about "harominizing" inequitable conduct rules with the much more lax practice outside of the USA??? How about "harmonizing" the fact that secret offers to sale and/or public use of the invention that keeps patnetable features secret do NOT count as references against a patent??

It is indeed telling that most smaller companies and independent innovators appear to oppose the pending patent reform bill, while many large corporations seem to welcome it with open arms. Considering the fact that small businesses are the main drivers of American innovation and hiring, our legislators should take it upon themselves to think very carefully about the consequences of passing this bill.

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