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December 21, 2010


The peer to peer thing has been around for a while, but as an attorney, I really wouldn't wnat to subject my clients to it... it just doesn't seem worth it. Plus, it's only available in certain classes.

E-mail updates from the USPTO... now that's a good thing. ...and I want a satelite office in the NY area so I can do in person interviews here. ...but I wonder if I'll end up with Examiners in Detroit, instead. Will Examiners be chosen by tech area or proximity to the filer?

While I understand at least some of the reasons for the choice of locale, I had hoped that the USPTO would open its first satellite patent law office in a location that I might actually want to visit or live -- Southern California, for instance. However, hopefully the USPTO's selection of Detroit will help improve that city's economy, in addition to increasing efficiency at the USPTO and taking a bite out of its infamous backlog.

Phoenix, Arizona should be considered next. Phoenix has many top notch universities, research facilities, and patent agents and lawyers. Further, the infrastructure is excellent, and housing prices and taxes are very low. Also a great place for PTO employees to raise a family.

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