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November 16, 2010


In my opinion, the majority got this one right. The inequitable conduct ruling, in particular, comes as a relief. Although I understand Judge Prost's perspective, if the majority had ruled the opposite way, it could (and most likely would) have opened the door to even more abuse of the inequitable conduct doctrine. If "creat[ing] a new evidentiary standard" is what it takes to prevent that eventuality, then I'm all for it.

Prejudice requirement is redundant as there are little chance for investment on that product till date patent protection is there whether genuine or in-genuine.

Attaching such additional and stringent criteria to prove would only undermine the application of available deference for generics and help this defense loose its significance with time.

Why to prove prejudice? or this requirement is made to save what?
will tell you why this is redundant and what made its insertion in proving prosecution laches.

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