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November 10, 2010



The Genetic Alliance amicus brief throughly exposes the inanity of the Sweet's opinion on the patent-ineligibility of both the "isolated" DNA claims, as well as the diagnostic method claims. Without the intervention of man, the claimed "isolated" BRCA 1 and 2 sequences simply don't exist. And the diagnostic method claims require some pretty sophisticated and transformative procedures which can in no way be considered "abstract." What is unfortunate is that Sweet's opinion has caused so much ink to be written to confirm what should be established law, and at huge expense. What a waste of judicial resources.

In other news, people loled at The Genetic Alliance and their brief, and chuckled at EG.

Man, crazy weekend, sorry I haven't been around.

Btw Kev your site is broken on my browser now. The left hand column displays up at the top of the page with a big white spot where the other part of the page is supposed to be. The other part (the main part) of the page then displays all the way to the left after the left sidebar has displayed. And the rightmost column with all your links to other sites etc. displays after the main portion displayed, and the right hand part is also left aligned.

That is, the whole site appears left aligned with your left portion at the top, the main portion displaying after that, and the right hand column displaying after that.


The site displays fine on Firefox and IE on my Dell and on Firefox and Safari on my Mac.


I had the same view issue that 6 notes, but it somehow corrected itself (after several months of 'brokenview').

Yeah it's working today.

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