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October 04, 2010



The truth of life is "science" rest everything is false. There are various professions in this world, however, medical research is a "true noble profession". Robert Edwards deserves what he has been awarded... my many many thanks to all those who are in the field of medical research. The world is looking upon them for medical discoveries that can save life of numerous people.

Method is only helpful when done in good purpose

"This work was not patented, "


lulz. u guys.

Dear 6:

Shoulda kept reading. The point is that things that are hard to reverse engineer don't need (as much) patent protection as things that are easy. Since disclosure is the goal, granting patent protection fosters disclosure of things that might otherwise remain proprietary.

Which is a big difference in what some of biotech inventors do versus the inventions you review every day.

By the way, how did the date with the gorgeous one go a few days/weeks ago?

Thanks for the comment.

I kno I kno Kev. Still, I lol at the whole situation.

"By the way, how did the date with the gorgeous one go a few days/weeks ago?"

Dude, she's goregous and pretty cool but dumber than a rock I'm afraid, or else she's been having a lot more homer moments lately than she usually does. That date went about as well as could be expected, it being a first one and considering how she is. We'll see how things go from here, I just got back from vacation for a week or so.

I got offered a job by my uncle at this new startup he's working at in CA over the vacation. They want me to work as one in my field and they'll be consulting me on patent issues (though I'd be careful to try not to practice on law and just be explaining how things work in patents, litigation etc generally speaking). LED lighting startup company, what do you think Kev, should I bail on the whole office/lawschool proposition and go or stay?

What was the amount that was awarded to him?????????????????????????????/


It's all about opportunities - if you think the startup is something you would like to do and is likely to be successful, go for it - law school isn't going anywhere. I know folks who didn't finish law school until they were 40 - sounds like you have time.

Good luck, and let us know what you decide.

Dear De'Liah:

10 million SEK (c. US$1.4 million) in 2009; don't have the updated number for this year.

Needless to say, no one does this kind of work for the Nobel prize money. Especially when you realize that they do not award the prizes posthumously, and you can share it with up to two other scientists.

Thanks for the comment.

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