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September 15, 2010


Even if the Senate version comes to a vote and passes, didn't the House subtlely, but no less bluntly, state that the Senate version will not become law?


That is correct. Back in March, a bipartisan group of Representatives, including House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, Jr., released a statement noting that Chairman Leahy's efforts to get the Senate bill passed had proceeded "without adequate input from House members" (see http://www.patentdocs.org/2010/03/house-lacked-adequate-input-on-leahy-patent-reform-bill.html).


It's wonderful to know that the issue of patent reform is not dead, and that members of Congress value IP and are taking steps to improve the lot of the USPTO and patent law. However, we need substantial, substantive reform, which our esteemed senators do not appear to offer in S. 515.

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