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July 28, 2010



Nice summary of the Abbott brief.

That the Federal Circuit "went off the rails" on the standard for "materiality" became glaringly evident in the 2006 Digital Control v. Charles Machine Works case which noted there were at least 4-5 different "standards" for "materiality" including the PTO's various incantations of Rule 56. If you've got at least 4-5 different standards to choose from, how can you expect any consistency in rulings on "materiality?"

I remain convinced that IC should be dumped as an invalidity/unenforceability defense. Instead, as suggested by the Abbott brief, let's require real "fraud on the PTO" like was established in the trilogy of SCOTUS cases noted at the beginning of your article, and this "plague" will just about disappear (and rightly so).

Good morning Kevin:
Could we have a link to the brief itself, please?

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