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June 11, 2010


Great story, Kevin. With the speed at which the PTO handles reexams, the odds are that the putative period of enforceability will expire before the reexam is decided - and certainly before the inevitable appeal of the reexam is decided. So will the PTO just drag its feet until 2012, then dismiss on grounds of mootness since the patent has expired and is no longer enforceable? That would set up an appeal only on the question of whether or not the TD applies and not the substantive validity questions; if the CAFC rules that it does not, then it's back to the PTO for a ruling on the merits. Let's hope the PTO changes it ways and deals with this one with the "special dispatch" it's supposed to, and rules on all aspects before it before 2012.

"and not the substantive validity questions;"

moot for lack of cause or controversy?

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