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June 01, 2010


I'm familiar with work in this sub-field from way back in the day. A good friend of mine did a senior design project making these types of chips. From how well his project turned out I have to say to these guys: Good luck fabricating those nano-channels and getting anything into them. Iirc from his paper and presentation board I believe my bud tried making some super skinny channels that likely went down to the nano realm and getting something into them was even more impossible than it was with the significantly bigger channels. Notably, their publication is not amongst the works cited.

"at least two of the nanochannels capable of admitting a fluid;"

"capable of" is a far cry from "will actually admit fluid on a regular basis"

That senior design group should have done something simple like my other bud who made a nintendo controller for handicap people. But who knows, maybe they made a good grade on it anyway dispite the failsauce.

Also, gl finding direct infringers. This is a method of making/using combination claim. I doubt if too many corps will make their own testing assemblies, they'll pay for some outside comp to make the thing then use it themselves.

Anyway, an interesting patent profile, but hardly something I'd look to in order to generate revenue anytime soon. The real advance in this field will be in technology to get the frakin liquid into the channel assembly regularly and dependably.

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