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June 16, 2010



I waiting for the "verbal bloodshed" to occur in due course when the Federal Circuit hears this case.

The Fed Circuit will probably overturn the decision in no uncertain terms. However, it will just be a way station on the way to the Supreme Court. Who knows what the technological illiterates there will do with this case? I'm afraid that they will buy into the ACLU's bogus women's health arguments and agree with the District Court.

"will be reviewed by the Federal Circuit, and perhaps ultimately, the U.S. Supreme Court."

If they do go to the USSC can you get me a seat Kev? I totally do not want to have to show up at midnight the night before the case to get a seat. Although, if it comes to that at least I'll be ready this time. I'll totally get your lunch if you can get me a seat.

In the mean time, I'll see you boys at the CAFC. I will have to keep my eye open for when the panel hearing is going to happen, those things always slip by me.

"It will be interesting to see if amici include universities, whose patent portfolios will be the most harmed by affirmance of the gene patenting ban promulgated by Judge Sweet."

It will probably read a little something like this:

Qqq qqqqq qq qqqqqqq qqq qqqqqqqqq q q qq. Q qqqqq qq qqq q qqqqqqq qqqq.


Qqqqq qq q qqqqq.



I sure hope they don't buy into the ACLU's bogus arguments, as well as Judge Sweet's nonsensical opinion.

What I wonder is whether there will be any government amicus filers; that's pretty important, as Uncle Sam holds way more influence over the courts than do any other amici. In any case, there seems to be little question that this case will be the subject of patent litigation for years to come.

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