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May 25, 2010


I think it is self-evident that the industry will go through a shake out/consolidation period. I would expect more pharma/biotech mergers. I think companies will develop product portfolios that include branded small & large molecules, generics and biosimilars. There will be more partnering too. And, there will be greater geogrpahic dispersion amongst the 'world class' companies - they won't all end up being in US and EU. The AP and other pharmerging regions will grow as predicted and will spawn some heavyweights of their own.

bigredbruce http://bit.ly/aD2oJV

Back in the biotech pleistocene I was under the naive impression that the molecular biologists would unleash a flood of new pharma targets and unwind the etiology of many diseases, all of great benefit to pharma. I had less hopes for iterative drug design, but what the heck - it was bound to help! Oh well. I'm now reduced to placing my bets on Indian/Chinese knock-off artists deciding to go innovator because they can do drug research at small fractions of the cost in major industrialized countries. But they would need a change in attitude, not likely. So I guess I should be grateful I'm retired. The Golden Age of pharmaceuticals is behind us, and Obamacare will deliver the coup de grace despite the authors' conclusions.

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