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May 04, 2010


"2) That Avid attempted to file the '326 patent application in advance of the 102(b) date, i.e., within one year after its first sales, but failed, and"

EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How you could possibly fail to write a few sentences on a sheet of paper, file out a few forms and send it in is entirely beyond me.

I note that I still haven't filled out my census...

Even worse, if this really was a case of first impression, the all subsequent *panels* are bound by its decision unless and until overturned by an en banc panel or by the SCOTUS. Not that later panels necessarily follow ealier panel decisions of first impression, or even en banc decisions - witness the wholesale abandonment of Kingsdown. Here, if a subsequent panel deviates, it will mean a dumb decision has been ignored, but it will also reduce legal predictability. So by getting this one wrong the panel in essence struck out twice.

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